Pillowcases, Zipper Pouches and Totes! Oh My!

Well, I have been bad at documenting my most recent projects as they happened, but I have been busy!

I wanted to try a pillowcase, so I made a John Deere one for my son. I followed this tutorial from Make It & Love It. This is a great tutorial! There are lots of pictures and the instructions are very easy to follow. I did the Tri-Colour Cuff version. It looks very fancy but is actually super easy! And Hunter loooooves it, which is a bonus! When I told him I was making him a pillowcase with John Deere tractors on it, he looked at me and very earnestly thanked me. I was expecting a blank stare and his usual “Oh”, but no… he was very excited and asked about it daily until it was done. He now has a very extensive list of pillows he wants. And, really, how can I resist that?!

My big takeaway from my first pillowcase was to make sure to line up the seams of the cuff and trim before sewing the sides together. Mine were a little off! I did much better on my next attempt! More on that later!

Next up was another Spice Market Tote for one of my co-workers. She loves these bags, and I don’t blame her! They are the perfect carry-all tote!

I was quite impressed with the pocket I made on this bag. I did a bit of patchwork, and it turned out great, if I do say so myself!

Today was a big sewing day for me. I started Hunter’s next pillowcase this morning and then went to my zipper pouch class at Patch Halifax, taught by Linnet. She’s taught all the classes I’ve done so far, and I really can’t recommend her enough. She has a great teaching style, and she’s very patient and helpful. I’m excited to have tackled the zipper! I have a ton of tutorials saved to Pinterest for different pouches, as well as the pattern for Amy Butler’s Origami bags to try out!

After class, I finished up Hunter’s Nemo pillowcase. This was fabric he picked out himself at Avonport Discount Fabric Centre. Can I just say how much I love stores with kids’ play areas? They have a little tent with toys in it, and Hunter had a blast. I shopped for as long as I wanted with no fuss from him. That’s saying a lot for a 3 year old boy! We went to the store before he went to Nanny’s house for the weekend so he could pick out material for a new pillowcase that I promised him would be done when he got home. Tearing him away from the play tent to look at fabric was a bit of a struggle, which is funny since he was so excited to pick out his next pillowcase, but he did spy this fabric and decided that was what he wanted.

Now to decide what I want to tackle this week… hmmm…


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